Client: OptumSoft
Services: Web Design and Development

OptumSoft Landing Pages

An IoT company to watch, OptumSoft, came to CGI Interactive with a need to develop two new landing pages that targeted different industries. They already had a full corporate site but they knew the importance of targeted landing pages and the impact they would have on their business. While we started by targeting HVAC and Refrigeration, we wanted to create a system that would be flexible enough to accommodate adding new industry pages in the future.


Design Exploration

We started the process with a design exploration since, in this case, we only wanted a loose tie to the corporate site. We examined the use of color, photography, overlays, and buttons in order to ground the exploration with a web focus. Wireframes accompanied this exploration to help nail down a strong structure to give a good foundation for all industry pages. After a few rounds of changes, the designs were handed over to development to build out the pages and tie it into the Craft CMS. All in all, a smooth project with a fantastic client.

Exploration 1


Exploration 2


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