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SKO Event for LogMeIn

In any year, a Sales Kickoff must be inspiring and exciting to set the tone for the sales team for the year ahead. But, in a year where the SKO event is virtual, and the theme is Unleashing the Workplace Revolution, capturing audience attention and creating an engaging atmosphere is more important than ever. CGI Interactive collaborated with LogMeIn’s marketing and sales team to help them reimagine the SKO event experience for a virtual audience.


Reimagine the SKO event experience for a virtual audience.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Event branding, Motion design, Video editing, Presentation design

  • Client


Project overview

Unleashing a modern sales kickoff

An SKO event needs to be inspiring and exciting to set the tone for the year ahead. Because this year was virtual, it required special attention to capture the audience’s interest and create an engaging atmosphere.

Event Branding

Work from anywhere

Our first challenge was creating the visual theme for the SKO event. The design needed to reflect a work-from-anywhere concept. We decided on an illustrated approach, allowing us to create custom scenes showcasing individuality without relying on photos of specific employees or impersonal stock photography. Angular shapes and contrasting colors allowed us to create some drama; we are talking about a workplace revolution, after all!

Homepage for virtual SKO event for day 2
Homepage for virtual SKO event for day 1
Speaker layout for SKO event presentations
Lower third layout for SKO event presentation

Keynote presentations

Once we established the visual style for the SKO event theme, we worked on the various assets. We applied the look and feel to the virtual interface, creating background scenes for each day with fun easter eggs for the audience to find. We also created video bumpers, a template for presentation breakouts, and keynote presentation visuals.

Compilation of graphics from SKO event
Welcome screen for event attendees that reads, "For the best SKO21 experience, make sure the Display Scale on your computer is set to 125%. Learn more in the Help Center.
Welcome screen for event attendees that reads, "Have you played today's Revolution Round-Up? Visit the Game Room."
Customer Segments PowerPoint slide listing "Enterprise, Mid Market, Small Business and Micro Business"
PowerPoint slide listing 4 points: Alignment by Customer Segments, Expansion of Selling Portfolio, Investment in Growth and Success, and Simplification of Selling Motion.
Powerpoint slide that reads "Refreshed Vision - Modern Workforce" with a collage of images of employees working remotely.
Backdrop for virtual awards ceremony that reads "Unleashing the Workplace Revolution Awards"

Project by the numbers



The Entrado platform was chosen for the SKO event, which allowed us to create custom artwork to skin the user interface.


Breakout sessions

We provided a template and guidelines, as well as edited the recorded presentations and added animated video bumpers.


Keynote presentations

Presenters were recorded remotely, and we composited our graphics with the video footage to be streamed to the audience.

What We Made


An icon of a target

Event branding

We provided mood boards to help narrow down the SKO event visual style for 2021. Then, we created visual concepts that explored presentation style, platform customization, and animation.

An icon of a presentation slide

Presentation design

For the keynotes, we collaborated with executives to streamline their presentations and create custom graphics that we composited with the captured video footage of them presenting. We also provided PowerPoint templates with various slide layouts for the LogMeIn teams to develop their breakout sessions.

An icon of a play button

Motion design

We storyboarded and animated intro videos for each keynote presentation, as well as video bumpers and a countdown loop to build anticipation for the SKO event.

What we created

  • SKO event branding
  • Event platform graphics
  • Speaker layouts
  • 41 Breakout videos
  • 5 Keynote presentations
  • 4 Welcome videos
  • Walk-in PPT/Video with countdown
  • Awards PPT and new award logos

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