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Event Presentation for Khoury College

Awareness Campaign for Dell APEX PCaaS

One of the things that stood out to our team when reviewing the benefits of Dell APEX...

Marketing Campaign for Dell APEX MDS

Dell Technologies Advantage

Presentation Design for StackState

StackState provides engineers with all the data they need to troubleshoot their Kubernetes application and step-by-step guidance...

AI Driven SD-WAN

We worked with the team at Juniper Networks to create a deck that positions them as leaders...

Bottomline Corporate Presentation

This corporate presentation was to be used as the first step in the PaymodeX sales conversation process, so...

Immuta Interactive Presentation

Corporate Presentation for Cerence

We worked with the Cerence team to design a brand evolution that relates more strongly to the automotive industry...

Presentation Design for Dell Technologies On Demand

When launching a new on demand consumption model, Dell Technologies asked the CGI team to develop a graphical approach...