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Interactive Experience for Nuance

Nuance improves outcomes with intelligent medical imaging diagnostic solutions that empower radiologists. Using cloud technology and AI‑driven, real‑time clinical intelligence that reveals actionable insights, they can overcome inefficiencies and close the loop on follow‑ups. 


Create an interactive experience that compels prospects to explore how Nuance diagnostic solutions with AI can empower radiologists.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Adobe InDesign Web Publish, Interactive PowerPoint

  • Client


Project overview

A single interactive experience to see and hear the possibilities

As the speed of new technology and AI increases, Nuance offers diagnostic solutions built on years of healthcare and AI experience. Our creative team was tasked with designing an interactive experience that shows how Nuance understands the challenges that radiologists face and brings the solutions they offer to life. Through Adobe InDesign publish, we structured the interactive experience in a way that allows the user to explore their core interests, see the solutions, and hear from customers all in one place.

An image of the Nuance Diagnostics ebook. An illustration of a female radiologist working on multiple screens. Stats show positive results.
An image of the Nuance Diagnostics ebook. An illustration of a male radiologist working on multiple screens.
Event experience

Exhibit touch screen

We leveraged the interactive ebook’s content and design to create a touch screen in portrait format for the Nuance booth at RSNA. This interactive experience was created in PowerPoint, making it cost effective and simple for Nuance to make updates for future use.

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