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Videos & Motion Design

Videos that
move you

Meet video, your most versatile tool

We understand the impact of visuals, sound, pacing, and motion. The videos we write, design, and create are more than just streams of pretty pictures—they are immersive experiences. They generate excitement. They paint what the future can look like but doesn’t yet. They tell your story to the world.

This is smart video design.

One video is an opportunity for many user engagements—a full story with many sound bites. Let’s say you want to share the top five reasons to use your B2B service. Why limit yourself to a single user experience? Take the full video and break it into five smaller, shareable videos—and pithy animated GIFs. Leverage design assets to create an interactive infographic, or a brochure. There are so many other assets you can create.

Types of videos
  • Awareness videos
  • Social videos
  • Thought leadership videos
  • Event opener videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Product tour videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Video bumpers
  • Video loops
So much motion

Our video work

Juniper SD-WAN Social Videos

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Campaign

Dell Healthcare Cyber Solutions Explainer Video

Nuance “What is a voiceprint?” Explainer Video

Motion Video Reel 2023

Awareness Campaign for Dell APEX PCaaS

Cabot EVOLVE Awareness Video

Illustrated Video Design for Juniper

Amazon Robotics STEM Illustrated Video

Marketing Campaign for Dell APEX MDS

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