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Cabot EVOLVE Awareness Video

Our team was excited to have another opportunity to work with both Cabot Corporation and Cleveland Design to create an awareness video.


Create an awareness video that showcases Cabot EVOLVE's innovations. The video can be used on a large event booth screen and on the web.

  • Strategy

    Visual concept

  • Design

    Motion design

  • Client

    Cabot Corporation

Stars at night with the text "Evolve sustainable solutions" in the middle
Project Summary

Designing an awareness video for both an event and the web

Our friends at Cleveland Design scripted the narrative and on-screen copy we used to storyboard and animate this awareness video. Inspired by the Cabot hexagon, we designed an approach using the hex as a lens to focus our attention on the possibilities to be realized using Cabot EVOLVE.

Combining stock footage with composited graphics, we aimed to balance the complexity of the science with the clean look of sustainability.

An image of shredded tires in gloved hands with a sustainability icon and text that says "Recovered end-of-life tires"
Concentric hexagons with various green energy images in them. The text "100% of new products and processes will have a sustainability benefit by 2025" is in the middle

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