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Dell Healthcare Cyber Solutions Explainer Video

Cyber solutions that successfully protect organizations or help them quickly recover from attacks attract little attention. For this reason, Dell Technologies approached us to create an explainer video to promote how well their Cyber Solutions for Healthcare performed.


Create an explainer video that vividly illustrates the power of this healthcare solution without resorting to scare tactics or getting too deep into technical details.

  • Strategy

    Visual concept, Copyediting

  • Design

    Motion design, Sound design

  • Client

    Dell Technologies

Photos arranged in a grid. A radiologist looking at a scan. Various medical scans and a woman entering an MRI machine
Project overview

An explainer video that rewinds the story to reveal the solution

In this explainer video, we began the story with the successful outcome and then rewound the scene to show everything that happened earlier in the day to ensure that success. Once we revealed the solution behind the positive outcome, we dove into a high-level explanation of how the solution works.

Leveraging the new Dell Technologies branding, we created a strong visual presence, helping to strengthen the narrative and reinforce the new look.

A photo of a hospital with the words "Cyber attack" under it
Dell hardware illustrations with healthcare scans and images secured on them.

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