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Event Branding for DevOps World 2020

Collaborating with CloudBees to design their DevOps World event branding and visual assets is always a chance to push creative boundaries. DevOps World 2020, our 5th, was no different; except that it was ALL different.


Create umbrella event branding for DevOps World, including a logo redesign, while providing flexibility for different thematic styles for each year.

  • Strategy

    Messaging, Design direction

  • Design

    Event branding, Motion design, Presentation design

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Project overview

Another year with all new challenges

With the event going virtual, we could make distinctive recommendations and design for an exciting new format. From the event branding to the graphic packages that included video bumpers, presentation layouts, transition animations, and keynote presentations, every component worked together to create an engaging experience for a remote audience.

Event Branding

A new visual style for 2020

While the event was set for mid-September 2020, we began collaborating with CloudBees in October 2019 to update their event branding. We started with an exploration phase and created a loose messaging guide identifying the core aspects and vision for the conference. Then, we worked on reimagining the logo. We created the new logo to represent the collaborative spirit of DevOps World with the goal of it living on for many years. After we had signed off on the logo and messaging guide, we completed a graphic identity and brand guide for 2020.

An image of the event brand book created for DevOps World 2020.
An image of the event brand book created for DevOps World 2020.
An image of the event brand book created for DevOps World 2020.

Keynote presentations

This year, we created three keynote presentations as animated graphics to complement greenscreen speaker videos produced by FoxDog Consultants. For each of these keynotes, keeping the speaker onscreen most of the time was a priority, so while the content was being created, we explored ways to add visual interest to keep the audience engaged.

A virtual experience has a unique set of timeline considerations. So, as scripts began to approach completion, we were already creating the first drafts of animated graphics so that the speakers would have the opportunity to see the visuals during recordings.

A still image from an interstitial video from the DevOps World 2020 virtual event.
DevOps World 2020 presenter graphic that reads "Transforming the Future of Software Delivery."
The Day 1 welcome keynote

We used the event branding we created to design graphic support for three presenter segments. We included a mix of lighter visual moments with richer and sometimes full-screen content to help the audience focus their attention.

DevOps World 2020 presenter graphic displaying CloudBees CI numbers.
For the Day 2 keynote…

We dove into the details and established a color-coded graphic system with repeating layouts to help orient the audience to the high-level message and create a sort of a roadmap to the presentation.

Lower thirds for DevOps World 2020
For the Day 3 awards and panel presentation…

We shifted the look, moving away from the green screen approach. We created visuals that would overlay the presenter videos, as well as a template for multiple panel speakers. As with on-site events, we wanted to support CloudBees with any last minute adjustments, so we collaborated remotely with the FoxDog team to work out any small adjustments that were needed.


Transition videos and graphic packages

In addition to the event branding and keynote presentation graphics, CGI created graphic packages. We split this into two systems – one graphic package specifically for the breakout sessions and another for the keynote sessions.

For the keynotes, we designed a set of animated transitions. They were short, fun animations, under 10 seconds, designed to be a visual palate cleanser between sessions. We created each to align loosely with one of our three event pillars and to complement specific sessions. We also created speaker layouts, lower thirds, and bumper animations.

For the breakouts, we created and populated speaker layouts that were color-coded for each track and layouts for panels with spaces for multiple speaker videos. We also created bumper animations specifically for the breakouts.

Last but not least, we created a walk-in / walk-out presentation for each day, with a recommended countdown timer.

DevOps World by CloudBees video bumper
A still image from an interstitial video from the DevOps World 2020 virtual event.
A still image from an interstitial video from the DevOps World 2020 virtual event.

Project by the numbers


Registered attendees

With the event going virtual, attendance jumped considerably, making it essential to have strong event branding that enveloped the audience with a rich experience.


Breakout sessions

We provided templates and slide layouts to help teams create their presentations.


Keynote presentations

We enjoyed working closely with the presenters and the FoxDog team to shape the presentation for the keynote speakers.

“You were all an instrumental part in the success of DevOps World! We cannot thank you enough for the great work you all contributed! We ended up at over 28,000 registrations (last I heard).”

— Heidi Gilmore, Area VP Marketing Communications, CloudBees

What We Made


An icon of two circles intersecting

Messaging guide

We led an input session and worked through iterations of a messaging platform to help shape all the content for this year’s event.

An icon of a presentation slide

Presentation design

The keynote presentations were designed and storyboarded along with speaker layouts to composite how the speaker videos would appear with the presentation content.

An icon of a target

Event branding

We explored options for the look of this year’s event through mood boards and concept frames. We created a new logo to be used year over year, as well as guidelines to help execute the brand vision.

An icon of a play button

Motion design

Our team designed three animated bumpers, a countdown, and simple transitions between presenters.

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