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Event Opener Video for DevOps World 2021

CloudBees‘ vision is to transform software delivery and help their global customers along their journey to DevOps transformation. For DevOps World 2021, CGI created an event opener video designed to celebrate and inspire audience members who are DevOps practitioners across multiple industries.


Create an event opener video to inspire and excite the DevOps World audience regarding their role in building the technology that powers the future.

  • Strategy

    Copywriting, Visual concept

  • Design

    Video editing, Motion design, Compositing

  • Client


It's your imagination
Project overview

Thought leaders in a world of data

CGI and CloudBees have a long partnership in creating marketing assets for their business. After an initial exploration session to discuss their goals for this event opener video, we got to work. The first step was writing a script that would communicate exciting and real achievements, some of which aren’t always easy to convey visually. Next, our motion designers and animators storyboarded the visuals, chose the music, and directed the voiceover to create an event opener video that would capture the audience’s imagination and set the stage for DevOps World 2021.

Clip from the event opener video that reads "it's your ingenuity that powers our world."
Still frame from the DevOps World event opener video that reads "so you coded them."

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