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Amazon Robotics STEM Illustrated Video

What a fantastic opportunity to work with Amazon Robotics on an illustrated video! The Amazon team had already created a few live-action videos they wanted to weave together using this illustrated video as the vehicle. The goal was to target an audience of 1st through 8th graders. We provided character design, illustration, and animation that walked through how a package goes from placing an order to a shopper’s doorstep, all the while showing how robots work alongside people to create an efficient operation.


Inspire future generations of engineers with a fun and informative illustrated video that teaches children how Amazon uses robots.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Copyediting, Character design, Illustrated video design

  • Client

    Amazon Robotics


Adding Personality

We unanimously agreed that having the robots act as guides would be the most engaging way to tell the story. Our process started with style options in Cinema 4D. Once we nailed down the look, we created a series of movements that each of the three robots would use as a base for our animations. The face rigs were added in AfterEffects and tracked to the robot movements.

Three illustrated Amazon robots with faces.

Planning the story

To ensure our story would resonate with a younger audience, we worked through a series of storyboards to simplify the explanations. We also provided “Did you know?” call-outs highlighting some fun facts about Amazon’s technology. They offered relief for a demographic that might find it challenging to watch a long illustrated video. We also created fun transitions for the previously created video content to blend it into the theme for our illustrated video. 

An animated gif of an Amazon box opening to reveals video footage.
An image of storyboard frames for the Amazon STEM video
An image of storyboard frames for the Amazon STEM video
An image of storyboard frames for the Amazon STEM video

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