Client: LogMeIn
Services: Presentation Design, Interaction Design

Rescue Interactive PowerPoint Tour

Interactive content can be a powerful tool in the buyer’s journey.

How do you make a user driven presentation that informs without effort? It’s easy when you focus on the message and then align the content with how people inherently digest information.


The user is able to read just the right amount of information.

From the overarching choices on the home screen, to the quick click through content in each use case, the user is able to read just the right amount of information without feeling like they need to invest much time. Jumping back out to the main selection screen is just one click away allowing them to easily explore another use case without feeling lost.

The call to action is available throughout the tour so when the user is ready to dig deeper, they aren’t held back. The end result is a unique way to educate and convert more customers.

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