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Interactive Presentation for Rescue Live Lens

Rescue Live Lens is a remote camera sharing solution that allows IT to go on site virtually with customers and remote employees to solve their technical issues.


Create a simple, intuitive interactive presentation so users can explore the capabilities of Rescue Live Lens.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Presentation design

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Project overview

Interactive presentation content is a powerful tool

How do you make an interactive presentation that informs without effort? It’s easy when you focus on the message and then align the content with how people inherently digest information. From the overarching choices on the home screen to the click-through content in each use case, the user can quickly find the right information without investing much time. Jumping back out to the main selection screen is just one click away, allowing readers to explore another use case without feeling lost.

The call to action is available throughout the tour, so when the user is ready to dig deeper, they can reach out to learn more. The result is an interactive presentation that uniquely educates and converts more customers.

The navigation slide in the Rescue PowerPoint that gives a tour of the product.
A slide from the Rescue PowerPoint showcasing the product on a laptop screen.
A slide from the Rescue PowerPoint showcasing the product on a laptop screen.
The last slide in the Rescue PowerPoint with a call to action to buy the product.

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