What is Interactive PowerPoint?

Most people have a general understanding of PowerPoint. Even if you’re a novice, you can select a template, fill in the basics and make a very acceptable presentation. That’s the beauty of the tool. Although, there are many complaints and jokes about PowerPoint, it does help people and businesses look more professional. But did you know that PowerPoint can be a superstar when it comes to interactive presenting?

The term “Interactive PowerPoint” is searched for almost 600 times per month. So what is it?

Here is a simple example:

You have earned a great sales opportunity at one of your target accounts. Your prospect has a narrow focus – and has made it clear that they specifically want your presentation to focus on that one part of your Product Solution.

When you get to the meeting, there are four other people in the room…and they have interest in the other four parts of your product solution. Are you ready for that?

With Interactive PowerPoint, you will show them you were born ready!

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Example of an Interactive PowerPoint

Interactive PowerPoint allows you to start with a message to present a general overview of your company. From there, you might have a product section – which can allow the user to branch into subsections. Hit a Home Button and come back the Main Menu area. Very much like a website or app experience. Jump into the sections your audience wants to interact with – skip the areas they don’t.

Did you know that PowerPoint can be a superstar when it comes to interactive presenting?

— David Kelleher

That is just the beginning. Interactive PowerPoint has so many possibilities. Create an engaging product walkthrough, guided selling tool, interactive infographics and more. The best part is, PowerPoint can be exported and live directly on your website.

Once you experience the power of an Interactive PowerPoint, your confidence will soar and you’ll never look at presentations the same again.