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Dear Microsoft: Strengthening Interactive Experiences Using Powerpoint

Image with Dear Microsoft as text. A tab has the text "Interactive Experiences" in it

Dear Microsoft,

We really enjoy creating interactive experiences using PowerPoint – all without coding.

It’s a powerful tool when we can give sales reps the flexibility to navigate to areas that a customer is interested in. We also love creating self-driven touch screen experiences where a user can dig into topics that are most relevant to them.

That said, there are a few features that we think will make PowerPoint an even stronger tool for interactivity.

Here is our top 3 feature wish list:

1. Replay animation

The nature of interactive or user-driven content means a user may land on some pages more than once. We’d love the option to set animations to replay every time a slide is visited.

2. Kiosk mode idle reset

PowerPoint’s kiosk mode, in combination with touch enabled screens, has allowed us to create powerful self-driven tools for trade shows, business centers and lobbies, as well as for use on tablets. Earlier versions of PowerPoint’s kiosk settings included an option to reset to the home slide after no activity for a set amount of time. Please, bring back this option, with the added ability to target a specific slide!

3. Link grouped objects

Custom menu and button designs are often a combination of multiple shapes and text objects. Having the ability to apply a link to a group of objects would save infinite time.

Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for PowerPoint interactivity. 
Thanks for reading,
The cgi team
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Sue Serra
Sue Serra