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Using Artificial Intelligence Wisely

Image representing Artificial Intelligence and a laptop with an input field for an AI tool

We have a creative responsibility to use Artificial Intelligence wisely. Here’s why.

AI is in the news a lot. And there’s good reason.

When something comes along that will dramatically change how we work, it deserves attention. With all the excitement, it’s easy to jump in and start using some free resources, like ChatGPT. But as this Boston Chronicle segment mentions, AI-generated artwork scrapes images together based on what it has found on the internet. Creativity comes more from the ideas that you bring. As a creative design agency, we’ve explored different AI tools to see how they will impact our industry. What have we experienced?

We take the confidentiality of our client’s content very seriously. AI tools are strengthened by learning from experience, which means the content you enter is now part of that AI. You can see where this is going. When it comes to writing, AI can help with phrasing ideas, much like a thesaurus, which supports finding alternative words that strengthen meaning or provide variety. Having choices to explore makes AI a helpful tool, but it’s up to the creative team to choose wisely and develop further what AI spits out. There are still too many inaccuracies and odd phrasing that can’t compete against the human mind.

We’ve also been exploring the use of AI in the design of videos and presentations. Where we find it most useful is streamlining production tasks. It allows our designers time to focus on a project’s objectives and creatively find new ways to improve a presentation, explainer video, infographic, or any other business communication we create for our technology clients.

Manual tasks––like modifying design elements, patterns, photography, and color––are where AI can iterate to help us achieve our vision and unique designs. And, while we may manipulate these individual elements using AI, we’re careful not to share complete designs for AI to assimilate. Our clients own our designs, and we will not share them this way. As we’ve already seen, AI is learning from existing artists and creating knockoffs of original work.

You might be wondering if I wrote this blog post using AI. The answer is no. I enjoy the writing process too much, which includes wandering through ideas as I pull content together. One main takeaway from our research is that it’s important to use AI responsibly and not compromise proprietary material as you explore AI-generated content. This is a tenet CGI Interactive has adopted throughout our 30-plus years in business, regardless of where technology takes us.

How have you been using AI? We’d love to hear from you.
Gwen Ackley
Gwen Ackley