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  • Velid Bajric
  • Posted by Velid Bajric

As I rendered more and more video projects, I found myself continually asking are my colors that washed out? I would check HEX codes...

  • Elizabeth Kelleher
  • Posted by Elizabeth Kelleher

Over the past year at CGI Interactive, we’ve welcomed many new faces, had the privilege of working with some really great clients, and we’ve...

  • Sue Serra
  • Posted by Sue Serra

Event presentations can feel overwhelming as you juggle the story, the speaker’s strengths or weaknesses, the audience perspective, the screen, the lighting, the experience,...

  • Jacqueline Callery
  • Posted by Jacqueline Callery

The months before an event are full of early mornings and late nights, meeting-packed days, and tight deadlines. From promo videos and landing pages,...

  • David Kelleher
  • Posted by David Kelleher

PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote? Years ago, you didn't need to ask this question. PowerPoint! It’s been the only game in town for so...