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  • Sue Serra
  • Posted by Sue Serra

Those of you who are “Power”-users may already be aware of these best-kept-secrets, but for the average PowerPoint-er, there’s sure to be a few...

  • Chau Ho
  • Posted by Chau Ho

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite color. I like a soft, sage green with a hint of cerulean. Our ability to imagine color...

  • Gwen Ackley
  • Posted by Gwen Ackley

According to a webinar trends survey conducted by ON24, 76% of respondents feel webinars allow them to drive more leads. And while this means that...

  • Brent Rutter
  • Posted by Brent Rutter

A live event draws a crowd. A virtual one can reach the world. Virtual events lend themselves to all kinds of communication activities, but...

  • Tracy Gebhardt
  • Posted by Tracy Gebhardt

About a year ago, I was at an event when one of the presenters did something a little unexpected. She snort laughed. And a...