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Dear Microsoft: Creating More Engaging Motion Design in PowerPoint

Image with Dear Microsoft as text. A tab has the text "Engaging Motion" in it

Dear Microsoft,

Your advanced animation capabilities have evolved to where we can now create highly engaging motion design, directly in PowerPoint. Often receiving the surprised reaction, “That’s PowerPoint?”
That said, there are a few features that we think will make PowerPoint an even stronger tool for animation.

Here is our top 3 feature wish list:

1. Hard-edge wipe

In the past, this was a useful effect to fool-the-eye into seeing moving or shrinking objects, or to conceal and reveal. The 2007 update changed the wipe animation to a “soft edge.” Rather than eliminating the “hard edge”, how about adding this as a user option?

2. Motion easing

Controlling the easing (smooth start/end) on motion objects can make it less pronounced or jarring, and feel more natural. Currently, this only applies to Fly In/Out and Motion Paths. Why not give users the ability to apply on all entrance and exit animation effects?

3. Looping animation series

Being able to infinitely loop a series of animations would allow the speaker to go at their own pace without having to worry about when animations would end. With current workarounds being complex and inefficient, we’d love to see this option in future versions.

Looking forward to the next advancements in PowerPoint animation. 
Thanks for reading,
The cgi team
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Sue Serra
Sue Serra