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Dear Microsoft: Powerpoint Shapes

Image with Dear Microsoft as text. A tab has the text PowerPoint Shapes in it

Dear Microsoft,

We use your robust collection of geometric shapes daily, creating flexible slide designs and illustrations that can be scaled, edited, and animated without losing quality. 
However, we’re still holding out for a few tweaks to increase our efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Here is our top 3 feature wish list:

1. Corner radius

We understand the importance of maintaining our client’s brand—even the tiny detail of a corner radius can make the difference. Having to eyeball the corners of each shape is not only time-consuming but leads to visual inconsistencies. We’re dreaming of a day when your Shape Options include a corner radius value field to apply consistent corners across multiple shapes efficiently—and maintain that corner value when scaling.

2. Reference point transform control

PowerPoint shapes have a top left reference point by default. It would be super helpful if, when using the Format Shape task pane to make adjustments, we could choose the reference point to transform from; center, right, bottom, etc.

3. Snap to point on the Arc and Pie shapes

Quickly adjusting the curvature of an Arc or Pie shape simply by dragging a handle is extremely handy. In fact, we wish this was an option in other drawing applications like Illustrator. It could be even more useful if they snapped to point at 45° or 90°.

Fingers crossed, we’ll see some of these adjustments in the near future.
Thanks for reading,
The cgi team
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Sue Serra
Sue Serra