5 TED Talks to Watch Before Giving a Presentation

Do you have a presentation coming up at work? We know...it can be nerve-wracking. We put together a list of 5 TED Talks that are sure to get you ready to give the best presentation of your life!

1. How to Speak so That People Want to Listen

Do you ever feel that your presentations don’t go as well as you had wished? Great speakers have tools they use to help them present their message with power and empathy. Julian Treasure can help you get there. In this TED Talk, Julian offers great advice that you can put into action today!

2. How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

A well designed PowerPoint is more important than you may think. David JP Phillips shares some great tips and tricks for your next PowerPoint presentation. As the author of "How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint," Phillips has been teaching business professionals across the world how to create better and more effective presentations.

3. Body Language, the Power Is in the Palm of Your Hands

Have you ever realized something you were doing for years that you never noticed before? Allan Please may just blow your mind with this presentation. We’ve heard it before, “the power is in the palm of your hands.” But many of us don’t realize how true this really is. After watching this talk you will be able to convey your message and gain the response you have been looking for!

4. A Dialogue to Kill the Fear of Public Speaking

Do you have stage fright? Are you so anxious about your speech or presentation that it makes you sick? This TED talk by Animesh Gupta is one of the most unique talks I’ve ever seen. Through his self dialogue he shows how this practice can be used to break through the anxiety and shyness in all areas of your life.

5. How to Sound Smart in Your TEDx Talk

Need a good laugh? Don’t take your talk or presentation too seriously. Have some fun with it! Other than having a good time, the huge takeaway here is vocal inflection. Will Stephen is highly animated and it keeps your attention!

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