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You have a huge event, should your presentation agency be onsite?

There’s no denying it, events are a lot of work.

The months before an event are full of early mornings and late nights, meeting-packed days, and tight deadlines. From promo videos and landing pages, to keynote presentations and breakout sessions, your team is working hard on pulling together an experience that will excite and educate your audience.

After all this effort, do you need your presentation design agency to be onsite at the event?

Having an onsite team in place to execute the final design and script edits will give you the confidence to know your event will go off without a hitch. Those critical last-minute edits, changes, and revisions – you know they are coming so plan for it. Having your presentation agency available to quickly make these changes promises you a professional look and feel and alleviates any communication issues.

Professional Support

Recently, our team was onsite for Dell Technologies World. At one of the breakout sessions, the team was observing a rehearsal when they realized that a slide was hard to read from the back of the room. To correct it, they bumped up the size of the font and walked to the back of the room to check the changes themselves. They repeated this until they felt confident that everyone in the room would be able to see and read it clearly. In this situation, there was not time for the client to notice this fault, notify a remote creative team, have them implement the edits, test out the changes, and communicate back to the creative team. It is in these instances that the presence of an onsite team is crucial.

No one knows the inner workings of the files better than your presentation agency. They know the fonts, the colors, and how everything was created. Being onsite eliminates the possibility of the client having to make edits themselves. All changes can and will be made by the team, removing the risk of mistakes. In addition, being onsite allows the team to experience pre-show rehearsals, which can be an opportunity to offer their professional suggestions.


“Being onsite, you’re able to make stronger recommendations for everything from imagery and animations to the size of your text and layouts in general. You can optimize the design for the size of the screen, which is something there is no way of putting into perspective unless you’re there.”

— CGI Art Director, Sue Serra


Onsite support is especially critical when there is a time change involved. The ability to immediately communicate with the client allows for matters to be handled right there and then.

Being onsite, the team can keep up with the real-life pulse of the event. They can hear the conversations happening around them and get a feel for the mood and tone of the event. This onsite experience allows for uncompromising communication.


Last but certainly not least, the team loves that moment when we get to see months and months of hard work come to life. Getting to work directly with our clients and becoming an extension of their internal team is always the relationship we strive for. Hearing the audience’s applause and feeling the positive energy that the materials they created spread throughout the event.

Candice Gaulitz, CGI’s Director of New Business Development just got back from Dell Technologies World and is still on a high from the event – “It is so fulfilling to see people taking pictures of your work because you were able to create something so beautiful, especially on a 130-ft. landscape, it’s inspiring for the next time.”

Jacqueline Callery
Jacqueline Callery