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Agency Insights

  • Nick Wassenberg
  • Posted by Nick Wassenberg

You’re eager to wrap up this morning’s design and warm up some lunch. Just then, you receive an email — you need to make...

  • Gwen Ackley
  • Posted by Gwen Ackley

A photo from our 30-year celebration in 2019. Our company, CGI Interactive, recently celebrated 31 years in business. When I took a moment to let...

  • Velid Bajric
  • Posted by Velid Bajric

Whether you work remotely most of the time or are just starting to adapt to this new normal, what you do before and after...

  • Tracy Gebhardt
  • Posted by Tracy Gebhardt

I started working from home over a decade ago. At the time, I was the only remote worker at CGI Interactive, which meant I needed...

  • Velid Bajric
  • Posted by Velid Bajric

Though the season of giving is upon us, it’s all too easy to overlook giving back to our communities when we’re busy buying gifts,...

  • Julianne Sacco
  • Posted by Julianne Sacco

At the end of my senior year of high school, I felt as though many of my peers had their career paths somewhat planned...

  • Elizabeth Kelleher
  • Posted by Elizabeth Kelleher

Over the past year at CGI Interactive, we’ve welcomed many new faces, had the privilege of working with some really great clients, and we’ve...