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A woman standing on stage with a giant question mark in front of an event presentation.
  • Gwen Ackley
  • Posted by Gwen Ackley
November 7, 2023

You’ve researched and followed best practices to create your event presentation. Now, take a step back and ask it this one question: what is...

Image with Dear Microsoft as text. A tab has the text "Engaging Motion" in it
  • Sue Serra
  • Posted by Sue Serra
July 20, 2023

Dear Microsoft, Your advanced animation capabilities have evolved to where we can now create highly engaging motion design, directly in PowerPoint. Often receiving the...

  • Sue Serra
  • Posted by Sue Serra
April 15, 2021

Those of you who are “Power”-users may already be aware of these best-kept-secrets, but for the average PowerPoint-er, there’s sure to be a few...

  • Brent Rutter
  • Posted by Brent Rutter
February 18, 2021

A live event draws a crowd. A virtual one can reach the world. Virtual events lend themselves to all kinds of communication activities, but...