Engage Your Customers: Virtual Events

There are so many ways to reach your customers and to keep the conversation going. Great content needs smart design to shape that conversation.

Virtually unlimited potential

From small webinars to large virtual events

Unlike an in-person event, an attendee of a virtual event can easily walk away, more easily multitask and miss key information. It is critical to keep your message concise and relevant. While being virtual will have a different atmosphere, you still want to take the viewer through a similar journey that provides both relevant content and entertainment that spans the emotional spectrum, from serious to funny and from heartbreaking to inspiring.

Openers and Interstitials

Build momentum and keep it going with smart and engaging videos

If a picture speaks a thousand words, how about 30 frames per second?

Video can tug at your heartstrings or inspire people to do more than they thought possible. When kicking off a webinar or event, you want to start it with the right tone and with enough energy to get your audience ready for the duration of the experience. Once you’ve got things rolling, keep in mind that after about 18 minutes of someone presenting to you, the attention starts to wane. To keep the good times rolling, intersperse other speakers, interactive moments or video interstitials to shake things up.


Craft content to tell a concise story and to help shape the conversation

The rhythm of a presentation is a balance of many aspects.

To keep an audience engaged, you need the right balance of highs and lows, rapid fire insights, and breathing room. You need moments that focus on the presenter and moments where graphics spark the imagination of your audience. Depending on the length of your presentation, you need a mix of story, compelling details, entertainment, and interaction. Knowing the right mix for the occasion… that’s our specialty.

Promote your event

Make sure to get the word out

If no one is there to see your event, did it ever really happen?

Promoting your webinar or event to drive attendance is pivotal. Beyond pulling in attendees, these promotions set the tone and expectations for the event and can help to build excitement for those already registered.

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