Presentations that own the moment

Every presentation is an opportunity.

Smart design is how we make you stand out from the crowd. We walk you through story flow, content development, information design, and visual style—keeping your audience in mind and your stakeholders in the loop. We take your content seriously. We work with you to maximize the flow and delivery.

This is smart presentation design.

A beautiful presentation is important, but you need more than just good-looking slides to connect to an audience. Context matters. Are you 1-on-1 in an elevator, speaking to 12 people in a board room, 500 people in an auditorium, or 15,000 people in a stadium? Tone matters. Who’s presenting—your entire sales force, or your CEO? Time matters, too. If you have an hour to fill, we’ll make sure you have a big pivot every 20 minutes to keep your audience engaged.

What we create

  • Corporate Presentations
  • Interactive Presentations
  • IPO Presentations
  • Event Presentations
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Presentation Templates
  • Presentation Guides
  • Slide Libraries

Our Presentation Work

Analog Devices Digital Health Event Presentation
Analog Devices
TimeTrade Overview Presentation
Monetate Overview Presentation
DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018
Presentation, Video, Web
Dell Technologies World 2018
Dell EMC
Presentation, Video, Web
Dreamforce Presentation Design
Presenting a Vision
Aberdeen Group
Kronos Template

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