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StackState Presentation


Create a sales presentation that enables each rep to tell the complex story of topology observability more simply.

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    Presentation design

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Project overview

Digging into the technology

StackState’s technology is all about making it easy to understand the true state of your stack… but helping prospects and customers to truly understand the power of their solutions was another story. That’s where CGI came in. After several sessions with the great team at StackState, we were able to get a deeper understanding of the technology and were able to identify what was working and what was missing from their story.


Creating a cohesive look

Beyond working on the story flow, we also needed to give the deck a stronger tie to the StackState brand. We designed key slides to nail down our visual approach and explore ways to make the content more digestible. We’re really happy with the way the visuals came together to enhance their story.

“Not to be politically incorrect but it really adds sex appeal. Like, flames coming out!”
“The animation captures the chaos in a very elegant way…The animation explaining 4T is the money maker slide. Love it.”

–  StackState team


Putting the story in motion

Beyond the look and feel of the presentation, the story needed some well thought out animations in order to help the viewer understand and visualize how the technology works. These animations were key to helping the sales team have a consistent pace and approach to explaining key concepts. This approach worked so well that we are now creating a video leveraging these same animations.

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