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Make Your Event Platform Work for You

When creating a virtual or hybrid event experience, the sheer number of event platform options can be overwhelming. As an agency that creates content and branding for a wide range of event types, we’ve heard a lot of the same questions from our clients. While we can’t answer the big question of which platform to choose, we can provide some insight through the questions we ask when evaluating a platform.

First and foremost, the platform you choose needs to give you the ability to meet your event goals. Though some of those goals and needs may be solved with a platform’s management capabilities, it is important to make sure that you aren’t sacrificing the user experience for backend features.

When we are getting to know a platform, these are some of the key questions that we ask…

  • How much can we customize the platform to visually look like the event branding?
  • What is the experience like from an attendee’s point of view?
  • Are there platform features that help to promote active participation?

While some of these may seem obvious, we have found that the more you dig into customization, experience, and engagement, the more you will find that some platforms that seem comparable based on website language and a sales pitch, really aren’t.

The platform that you choose will become the virtual backbone to support delivering the experience that you want to give to your audience. Check out our virtual event guide to learn more about the insights we’ve learned over the years

Brent Rutter
Brent Rutter