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Creating a Great Virtual Presentation

There are many facets to a presentation, virtual or otherwise. You have an overarching message or theme, content points, visuals, interaction, and more. A great presentation balances these elements to keep an audience engaged.

Keep in mind the average attention span is about 7 minutes and most likely less with the distractions while virtual. Multitasking has ballooned to new heights so planning ways to keep an attendee engaged is more important than ever.

You need a solid strategy that takes advantage of the time you have with your audience by balancing your message, the audience attention span, and visuals. The audience is at the center of this balancing act, so make sure that you define what you want them to feel, what you want them to learn, and how you might truly engage with them.

There are so many ways to tell your story and hook your audience. Check out our virtual event guide to learn more about the insights we’ve gained over the years.

Brent Rutter
Brent Rutter