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Create a Virtual Event That Is Unmistakably You

An event is a series of touchpoints that begins when you first promote your event and continues through post-event follow up. You want to give your audience a professional, cohesive experience across every part of your event.

A great way to give your event brand a solid foundation is to ask yourself how you would describe the personality and traits of your event. If you’re struggling to come up with how you would describe your event to someone else, flip it around entirely. Jeff Bezos once said that “a brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.” How would you want participants to describe your event when it’s all over?

Once you have a short list of words and phrases, web out from each and find synonyms and related words. Language can be a very powerful tool to keep everyone on the same page about brand visuals and message. While many words have similar meanings, keep expanding out to find the words or phrases that truly express how you want your event to be perceived.

A solid event brand can help you build audience confidence in your brand and message. Check out our virtual event guide to learn more about the insights we’ve gained over the years.

Brent Rutter
Brent Rutter