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Benefits of a Video Series

An important question to continually ask is, “How is our audience consuming content?”

It changes and morphs as new technologies and platforms enter our lives at work and home. Today, there is more video content than ever before, and that’s because it connects in a stronger way than many other media types. But, as your audience gets hit with more and more video, it’s important to give them options as to how they consume your video message.

While many companies have long-form videos that run anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes in length, the drop off rates — which are really important to measure with your video assets — suggest people lose interest if they don’t hear and see what they are looking for quickly.

To supplement an overview video that may encompass all the benefits of a product, consider several short videos which tackle one benefit or feature at a time. There are many benefits to this approach.

  • Your audience can search and get to relevant content faster.
  • Social content rollouts can be staggered to elongate a campaign and create more touchpoints with your audience.
  • Complex content can be easier to digest when broken into bite sized pieces.
  • There can be efficiencies in creating a series from both a design and messaging standpoint.

TimeTrade Video Series

OpenText Brava! Video Series

At the end of the day, your videos need to engage, inform and give guidance on how to take next steps. A single short video that touches on one benefit can easily be grouped with a playlist of videos on YouTube or other video platforms, or they can also be shown as a library on a product landing page.

We’re all moving fast. Once you’ve got someone’s attention, don’t make them wait a minute and a half to find what they’re looking for.

Brent Rutter
Brent Rutter