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TimeTrade Video Series


Create a modular set of characters, icons, and environments to tell the TimeTrade stories in a series of videos.

  • Strategy

    Visual concept

  • Design

    Copyediting, Motion design

  • Client


Project overview

Creating a modular approach to a video series

Having worked with TimeTrade on their overview presentation, we had a solid enough understanding of their intelligent online appointment scheduling software to bring it to life with motion graphics. While the concept of appointment scheduling seems simple to understand, the TimeTrade approach leads to many benefits and use cases that were not apparent to their customers.

Design Approach

Illustrations that are modular like the solution


Across this video series, we needed to move seamlessly through a number of environments, scenarios, and combinations of backend technology and customer views. To do this, we chose to go with a modular set of illustrations to tell each story. The isometric illustration style allowed us to emphasize simplicity and flexibility, and to push and pull elements on and off screen as the scenarios unfolded. Overall, this created an efficient and consistent approach, and gave the viewer an easy to understand view of the TimeTrade solutions.

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