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2 Presentations Every CEO Should Have!

1. The CEO Deck

2. The Corporate Overview Presentation

We have noticed a new type of deck that has become increasingly common among the CEOs and executives we support. Many of our clients are leaders, experts and founding pioneers that have created a whole new industry or market segment that didn’t exist 15 years ago. If you are one of these special people or your company has developed an innovative solution that has brought public attention, the world is going to be calling.

Thought leadership events come in all shapes and sizes. They are an opportunity to talk about your market, your industry and your vision for the future. These events call for the CEO Deck. This deck should reflect your personality and style, perhaps highlighting some of those moments that made a difference, the highs and the lows that can encourage future leaders. It is a key moment to quietly promote the business, giving the audience an inside look at what made the difference in market philosophy, product development, and the culture.

But when the CEO is needed to close that big deal, that’s a different deck. The Corporate Overview Presentation highlights the most important points about your company, your products and what makes you different. It calls for a fluid ability to fine-tune the message based on the prospect’s interest. The flexibility of simple navigation to show the business’ financial strength, talented management, superior products and R&D excellence. The ability to inform the prospect on what they care about most can lead to a competitive win for the company.

While both presentations have a universal message, different threads of the story are available to help the presenter to make a better connection with the audience. And the stronger the connection, the more memorable the message. These are 2 decks we believe every CEO should have in their arsenal at all times.

David Kelleher
David Kelleher