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Every project need is different with the exception of one thing, value. Videos, are valuable as a multi-channel extension of your sales team. They extend the reach of your brand and can sometimes be the most cost effective solution. We have a range of experience in this area. — Company explainer videos, 3D animations, advertising pre-rolls, social videos and product demos. We collaborate to find a theme, write the copy, and design visual assets to tell the story. Then, we add a little motion magic to bring them to life.

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You need a way to show people how your product or service can help them, to show them the impact it can make. Interactive tools do that. Give people the ability to customize their experience and let them see how your solution will impact them. — ROI calculators, microsites, landing pages, campaign sites, product selectors…give us a challenge.

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People want an experience. Something that is as usable, informative and effective as it is beautiful. Our work pulls together business goals, technology and user trends to create the framework on which great creative is made. — Campaign pages, microsites, landing pages…if you need specialized design, give us a shout.

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We started designing presentations before PowerPoint existed and our clients still come to us for the ‘CGI difference’. How can we turn a slide with a big honkin’ title and 12 bullet points into a clear message with just the right image? It’s what we do all day long and we take pride in that challenge. — Guided selling solutions, company overview decks, event keynotes, sales kickoffs, IPO decks, interactive technical product presentations, PowerPoint, Keynote, HTML, cloud platforms…let’s make something great.

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Other Goodness

In the world of sales and marketing there are many digital assets that fall beyond presentations, video and web. This ‘other goodness’ rounds out your marketing toolbox and includes some things you may be familiar with — infographics, ebooks, campaign graphics, digital signage…and some things you may not have thought of yet.

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Our job is to make you look good…even if you work at home in your pajamas.

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