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Nuance DMO Evolution


Create an interactive timeline that allows users to explore the breakthroughs made during the evolution of the Nuance Dragon Medical One solution.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Adobe InDesign Web Publish

  • Client


Project overview

A timeline worth exploring

Nuance was looking for a way to bring to life the amazing history of their Dragon Medical One solution. This 25-year timeline is broken down by the major technology shifts that have occurred across the evolution of DMO. To keep the experience a bit more concise and to focus more heavily on the newer milestones, the first seventeen years were kept at a higher level, while the last eight have more details on the new features and capabilities.

Interactivity and Animation

Telling the story

While the content in this experience can tell the DMO story, the impact on the people who use the solution, and its capabilities were brought to life through characters and animation. With Adobe InDesign Publish, the web experience not only has animations, but also allows the user to explore the areas they are most interested in through navigation that is carried through the design on the left side.

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