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Nexthink Infinity

We helped launch Nexthink’s Infinity digital workplace solutions with a set of impactful assets spanning product overviews to highlighting specific features to be used across web and social media. Taking a user-centric approach, our team brought product features to life and focused on how Infinity solutions can benefit IT and employees everywhere.


Create a cohesive campaign of videos to highlight Nexthink’s new Infinity digital workplace management solutions.

  • Strategy

    Visual concept

  • Design

    Motion design

  • Client


Project overview

Remote access as good as being there

Product launches are exciting for companies and consumers alike and we aimed to channel that into this launch video. We worked with the Nexthink team to connect our video concept to their landing page by utilizing two halves of the infinity symbol and filling in the gap to connect it to their larger brand story online. With the goal of generating excitement and hype in mind, we teased the ease of use and simple interface by pulling out different components of the interface rather than full screenshots.

Application Experience

Collaboration Experience

Employee Engagement

Automation and Remediation

Real-Time Alerting

Diagnostics and Analytics

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