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GoTo Brand Launch Video

GoTo helps people and businesses do their best work – simply and securely – from anywhere. They make it possible to focus on the things that matter most throughout the day: projects, professions, and even personal passions. To celebrate their new name, they came to CGI to create this brand video.


Create a brand video to excite and energize GoTo employees about the new look and introduce the new company name, GoTo.

  • Strategy

    Visual concept

  • Design

    Motion design

  • Client


An image from the brand video showing a person smiling and a second person looking at the camera
Project overview

Generating excitement and energy

As LogMeIn prepared to announce its new name, GoTo, it held an all-hands company meeting to kick off the new year. They aimed to energize the team about the changes and asked us to create a brand video to build excitement and officially unveil the new name. Using motion graphics that interacted with photography, we found the right balance between the two—bringing to life for the first time the true spirit of GoTo in this brand video.

A clip from the GoTo brand hype video
A clip from the GoTo brand hype video

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