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Google Slides Presentation for Cheetah Digital

Cheetah Digital, now Marigold Engage+, was amid a rebrand when they approached CGI Interactive to create their corporate overview as a Google Slides presentation. Supporting how your message is communicated means knowing how effective new technology and tools will be for your business communications. This means learning and addressing the unique challenges of Google Slides so our clients don’t have to.


Streamline complex graphics and build flexible layouts for future customization in a Google Slides presentation.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Presentation design, Google Slides

  • Client

    Cheetah Digital

Project overview

Diving into Google Slides

A benefit of using the Google Slides online presentation platform is the ability for the CGI team to interact in real time with the Cheetah Digital team. This collaborative workflow needs the right communication, so we developed best practices, such as leaving notes on slides to find a good rhythm.

Slide showing customer engagement profile entering a technology database to provide real-time customer responses in native communication channels.
Slide about emotional loyalty outcomes between brand and customers.
Slide about how customer engagement management elevates customer loyalty.
Photograph about getting results faster showing two men strength training.
Slide about Cheetah cross channel management process that has simplified execution, flexibility, and control.
Design direction

The brand

The team had fun with Cheetah Digital’s refreshingly bright color scheme. When it came to the Google Slides presentation content, they enjoyed the challenge of designing highly technical graphics and flexible layouts that the sales reps would use to customize their content.

Because we make it a point to understand the material, we could copyedit the content to simplify it while leaving key points onscreen so the sales team could confidently tell the story.

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