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DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018


Create a new brand identity and creative assets that build excitement before, during and after the DevOps Jenkins World conference.

  • Strategy

    Presentation flow, Design direction

  • Design

    Event branding, Motion design, Presentation design

  • Client


Project overview

We ♥ collaborating with great clients

The CGI Interactive team couldn’t have been more excited to work with CloudBees again on another DevOps World | Jenkins World held in both San Francisco and Nice, France. With a dynamic 3-screen setup, inspiring speakers, big announcements, and fantastic content, the stage was set for a genuinely transformational conference.

Event Branding

Bold colors and strong geometric shapes

While the event was mid-September 2018, we began collaborating with CloudBees in November 2017 on the event brand. We brainstormed on ways to bring their Transform theme to life in a way that would evolve the look from the previous year. After an initial concept phase, we settled on a direction that used bold colors and strong geometric shapes then pulled graphical elements, color palettes, iconography, textures, and image treatments together into a single event brand guide.

Event Branding

The main stage experience

The main stage experience began with a looping presentation that played across all three screens, over 130′ wide in total. Unique stage design with multiple depths, including a center stage semi-circle, was designed by Immersive. Each of our presentations and videos was designed to complement that layout. This meant planning the design of each screen and carefully coordinating to ensure everything worked together.


Designing unique variations for each speaker

This year we created a video and presentation for each of the four speakers. Each video had a unique tone using inspiration from video games and movie trailers, some light-hearted, some dramatic. They gave the audience a chance to shift their perspective between each of the content-rich presentations.

The presentations that followed were based on the look and feel of their respective opening videos. We worked closely with the presenters and their team to get the content just right for showtime. To support CloudBees for the big event, we sent three members from CGI Interactive on-site to work out any last-minute adjustments with Immersive and each presenter.


“Add a huge dose of amazing, creative ideas, and real talent to execute on those ideas, on top of that all… and you have a wonderful partner/vendor for us to work with.”

Heidi Gilmore, Sr. Director Marketing Communications, CloudBees

What We Made



Event branding

This year we created a new brand identity and guide for DevOps World | Jenkins World. This included a new color palette, icons, textures and custom speaker illustrations.


Presentation design

We created 4 keynote presentations using mockups to show how the experience would look across the three screens.


Motion design

Our team designed 4 opening videos as well as a walk-in loop.

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