Client: CloudBees
Services: Keynote Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design

DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

We ♥ collaborating with great clients

The CGI Interactive team couldn’t have been more excited to work with the CloudBees team again on another DevOps World | Jenkins World held in both San Francisco and Nice, France. With a dynamic 3-screen setup, inspiring speakers, big announcements, and fantastic content the stage was set for a truly transformational conference.

What we created...

  • Event creative
  • Speaker illustrations in theme look
  • Event landing page
  • 4 opening videos
  • PowerPoint and video loop as audience arrived
  • 4 keynote PowerPoint presentations


Event branding

While the event was mid-September 2018, we began collaborating with CloudBees in November 2017 on the event look and feel. We brainstormed on ways to bring the Transform theme to life in a way that would evolve the look from the previous year. After an initial concept phase, we settled on a direction that utilized bold colors and strong geometric shapes to represent the vision of Transformation, and we pulled graphical elements, color palettes, iconography, textures and image treatments together into a single event brand guide.



Event landing page

Once the creative direction was established, we needed to quickly get started on design for a responsive landing page that would educate potential attendees on why they should attend and help drive registration for the event.

The mainstage experience

The mainstage experience began with a looping presentation that played across all 3 screens, over 130’ wide in total. A unique stage design with multiple depths including a central semi-circle was designed by Immersive, and each of our presentations and videos was designed to complement that layout. This meant thoroughly planning the design of each screen and careful coordination to ensure everything worked together.




Add a huge dose of amazing, creative ideas, and real talent to execute on those ideas, on top of that all... and you have a wonderful partner/vendor for us to work with.

— Heidi Gilmore, Sr. Director Marketing Communications, CloudBees

Keynote videos and presentations

This year we created a video and presentation for each of the 4 speakers. Each video had its own tone and look, and we had the opportunity to create videos—some light, some dramatic—drawing our inspiration from video games, movie trailers, etc. We worked collaboratively with the CloudBees team to create fun, exciting videos that gave the audience a break and a fresh mind-set between each of the content-rich presentations.

The presentations that followed often drew on the look and feel of the presenter's opening video. We worked closely with the presenters and their team to get all the content just right for show time.

We worked hard to get the CloudBees team ready for the big event and had 3 members of our team onsite to help put on the finishing touches and work out any last minute adjustments with Immersive and each presenter.