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Dell Unified Workspace Video Series

Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is a visionary approach to end-user computing. It gives workers a frustration-free, ready-to-work experience while enabling IT with automated, open and intelligent solutions for unified management. CGI created this video series for Dell Technologies to show how they better deploy, secure, manage and support devices from the cloud.


Create a series of short videos that help to educate customers on the benefits of Dell Unified Workspace.

  • Strategy

    Copywriting, Visual concept

  • Design

    Motion design

  • Client

    Dell Technologies

3D building rendered as an illustration from one of the videos in the series.
Social Cuts

Reaching an audience

Whether we create a single video or a series of videos, we like to help our clients spread awareness by adjusting onscreen copy and leveraging animation and footage to create social cuts.

Image from video series of a 3D illustrated workspace.
Image from the video series with the onscreen text: Dell Technologies Modern workforce solutions and the url.
Project overview

A unified message and visuals

It was essential to craft a look that our design team could leverage across the video series and that was also true to the Dell brand. With limited footage but plenty of photography, we created a series of 3D scenes to help pivot between abstract moments and scenes of people using Dell devices.

Image from the video series of a man with a headset looking at a Dell laptop screen with the text: Cloud-based control floating behind him.
Image from a video in the series of a Dell desktop, and two laptops on an illustrated ground plane.
Image from the video series of a laptop facing forward and placed within a white 3D space with text floating around it.
Image from a video in the series of a man looking at a laptop screen with text overlaid in the background stating: Automated updates.
Images from the video series showing an overhead view of a white 3D desktop with overlaid words: 16% accelerated device refresh.

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