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Dell Cyber Solutions for Healthcare

Cyber solutions don’t look as impressive when things are working. We hear about the problems and attacks more than the moments that were successfully thwarted or recovered from quickly. When Dell Technologies approached us to create a product video for their Cyber Solutions for Healthcare, we knew we needed to find a compelling way to tell the story.


Create a product video that brings to life the power of this healthcare solution, while not getting into scare tactics or bogged down in technical details.

  • Strategy

    Visual concept, Copyediting

  • Design

    Motion design, Sound design

  • Client

    Dell Technologies

Project overview

Rewinding the

We chose to begin the story with the successful outcome, and then rewind to show all the things that happened earlier in the day to ensure that success. Once we pulled back the curtain on the solution behind the positive outcome, we dove into a high-level explanation of how the solution works.

Leveraging the new Dell Technologies branding, we created a strong visual presence and helped to not only strengthen the narrative, but also reinforce the new look.


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