Client: Cheetah Digital
Services: Presentation Design, Google Slides

Cheetah Digital

Diving into Google Slides

Cheetah Digital was in the midst of a rebrand when they approached CGI Interactive to create a Google Slides presentation. The clean style of the new brand was a great fit for working directly in Google Slides and our designers were able to take different portions of the deck and work simultaneously in the same file.

It takes a good amount of communication for that type of collaboration. By developing and adhering to best practices like leaving notes on slides, we were able to find a good rhythm and ensure that everyone was on the same page.

The brand

Our designers were tasked with defining how to execute the brand when creating a presentation. As part of the process, we did a fair amount of copyediting to simplify the content so that it would not overwhelm the audience, while still giving room for the sales rep to be able to tell the story.

The team had fun with Cheetah Digital’s refreshingly bright color scheme, enjoyed the challenge of designing some highly technical graphics, and loved creating some flexible layouts that the sales reps would be able to work within to customize their content.

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