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Build Your Breakthrough with Dell


Create a visual identity for the theme, Build Your Breakthrough, to be used throughout executive level presentations.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Presentation design

  • Client

    Dell Technologies

Cover Designs

Building a design solution

What a fantastic opportunity to be part of developing an identity for the presentations used at the Dell Technologies executive briefing centers. The Dell team came up with a great message this year, build your breakthrough. The CGI team dove in and explored the question, ‘What does it mean to build a breakthrough in today’s technology driven world?’

The client was hoping to incorporate icons from the previous year’s presentations, so we created core graphics for each of the major presentation topics that leveraged these icons. The intent was to create a sense that the icons themselves are being built with layered images and design elements. Each graphic also has a background pattern that carries through the topic presentation.

Topic presentations

Adding consistent structure

Within each topic we also created a slide that sets up three core areas that the presentation will explore. The graphical approach for each was unique in how it set up the relationship between the core areas. Each graphic was designed to allow a zoom or focus on the particular area that presenter was addressing.

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