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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. All things that businesses strive to foster, but it’s not an easy task. While many businesses feel that they may be doing well in these areas, the reality of how your employees are feeling can be sobering. Tough conversations need to be had and it’s pivotal that everyone feel like they are being heard. Kaiser Permanente has always been on the forefront of facing these challenges head on and asked our team to create a video to generate buzz around a new program aimed at recognizing serious issues that need to be addressed.


Make an emotional connection to create more understanding and to jumpstart difficult conversations.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Video editing, Motion design

  • Client

    Kaiser Permanente

A portrait of a woman from the Kaiser Permanente NEID event video.
Project overview

Voices that carry the weight of change

We combined sound bites of executives with voices that represent the inner thoughts of employees based on many internal surveys and interviews. The sound bites were chosen to be sharp and to the point. Hitting the issues hard and direct.

A still from the Kaiser Permanente NEID event video.
A portrait of a man from the Kaiser Permanente NEID event video.

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