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What is a voiceprint?


Create a video to simply and creatively answer a common question - “What is a voiceprint?”

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    Visual concept, Copywriting

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    Motion design

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Project overview

Explaining while promoting

What a great question. So many of us probably have an initial idea of what a voiceprint is, but there is so much more to it than you may think. Nuance has been asked this question by analysts and customers many times and this video has become a great way to not only educate their audience, but the public as well. With a combination of animated graphics and stock footage, we address preconceived ideas and dive into the sophistication of what a voiceprint is and how it can be used.

We not only explain the power of a voiceprint, but also the power of Nuance’s 25 years of innovating to create a safe and secure approach that creates a fluid customer experience.


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