Client: VCE
Services: Graphic Design and GIF Animation

VCE Social Media Graphics

The right visual content on social media gets the job done

VCE wanted to find a new way to showcase the products that they offer. The photoshoots of the hardware tended to be fairly straightforward and didn’t capture the tone of what the products can do. We pitched the idea of creating backgrounds and simple animations that could be reused by the VCE team to promote the various products in the family.

We brainstormed the best way to provide a flexible system for the VCE team to build off of. The client agreed that creating a series of static graphics and an animated gif would be a great way to start building a library of components that could be used through social channels. One of the things that we really tried to do was take the basic approach and find ways to help it extend beyond just the social graphics. We built all of the imagery at larger resolutions so that the client’s internal team could use them to build out material for other uses.


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