Client: Covisint
Services: Writing, Graphic Design

A Common Language

To connect people, processes, systems and things, you need a common language.

One that understands the web of relationships between everything. Covisint has an identity-centric approach to the Internet of things, making sure that trusted information is delivered securely and seamlessly.

Our client was tasked with pulling a looping presentation together for an event in London. The catch, we received the request on Thursday evening and the event was on Monday. PowerPoint was the best deliverable for this need. It has the ability to program a loop and add music or voice over. It gave our client the opportunity to do last minute edits and it became an asset they could continue to use and customize long after the event.

“I find rush projects can be exciting because things move fast, you have to react quickly and when it’s over there’s a great amount of satisfaction in having done a good job in such a short amount of time. It keeps things fresh.”

Kathryn, Account Manager

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