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Novocure R&D Day

Shorter presentations, multiple speakers, and multiple perspectives. This approach was sure to keep attendees engaged and create a more well-rounded story. This two-hour event was mostly pre-recorded but included two live Q&A sessions with all presenters. Our team enjoyed partnering with Novocure to bring this fascinating treatment and research to life.


Create a cohesive experience across 11 presenters over the course of a two-hour event. The presentations needed to help to create excitement, confidence in the science, and generate engagement.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Motion design, Video editing, Presentation design

  • Client


Project overview

A smart, virtual
investor day

Novocure’s R&D Day needed to cohesively tie together eleven presenters from across the globe in a two-hour session that painted a clear picture of the Novocure accomplishments and, more importantly, its potential. These presentations were delivered by both Novocure team members as well as doctors from other institutions, and were pre-recorded over Zoom.

We first designed event-specific graphical elements that were used to tie each presentation together. Each of the presenters created their script and provided material to leverage within their presentation. Our team created an overall slide breakdown of the content for approval before diving into design. It was important that key slides shined, but that the design did not overshadow key data points or distort scientific accuracy.

What We Made



Presentation design

We collaborated with the Novocure team to work through fairly technical slides and helped to up-level the content where possible. We also created a presentation flow and speaker layouts to help shape a balance between slide content and presenter footage.


Motion design

We created a looping animation to play before the event started, as well as animations during each of the presentations.

“Throughout the process, it was evident that they were in our corner and were willing to do whatever they could to make sure that every presentation would resonate with our audience…”

— Gabrielle Fernandes, Director, Investor Relations

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