Client: Monetate
Services: Presentation Design

Monetate Overview Presentation

Today, customer experience is a top priority for companies. Monetate, a solution provider for personalized customer experiences, asked CGI Interactive to create a sales presentation that would give a unique overview of their solution. Monetate laid the groundwork for the overall story; then, our design team created options on how to visually represent that story and do it in a way that was repeatable across their entire sales team.

Since there are several stages of maturity when it comes to customer engagement, there is quite a bit of content for the sales teams to navigate through. To aid the discussion, we created a simple maturity quiz that helps the presenter jump to the most relevant content for their customers.

We leveraged the Monetate brand as our visual foundation but expanded on it to define how to interpret it for a presentation. We also transformed content-heavy slides into a journey through the Monetate solutions — bringing insight into the data-driven decision-making that provides a great customer experience.


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