Client: CloudBees
Services: Keynote Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design and Dev

Jenkins World Keynote Design 2017

Jenkins World 2017 was a blast!

Over 1500 IT executives, DevOps practitioners, Jenkins users, and partners made the journey to San Francisco for Jenkins World 2017. We collaborated with the CloudBees marketing team to design keynote presentations, create videos and design a landing page for their annual conference.

Keynote Presentation Design

We created and designed the keynote presentations used by Sacha Labourey, CEO and Founder of CloudBees; Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Chief Technology Officer (and creator of Jenkins) and André Pino, VP of Marketing. The presentations and videos were designed for two custom widescreens with angular cutaways at center stage.

Event Videos

As the crowd settled into their seats, we opened Jenkin’s World with a fun event opener video that gave the attendees a good laugh! This light-hearted piece was an awesome way to kick off Jenkins World. We created an animated, cartoon conference opener video!

Before a new speaker comes to the stage, it’s important to re-engage your audience and set the tone for the speech that they will hear next. Video is a perfect medium for this. We created two videos that were used before two of the biggest keynote speeches of Jenkins World. The corporate video provided a lead-in for Sacha Labourey’s keynote (CEO and founder of CloudBees) and had a CloudBees branded corporate look and feel. The community video was a lead in for Kohsuke Kawaguchi, who is the creator of Jenkins and a well-respected developer within the community. The video was created to convey how Jenkins and the Jenkins community is transforming the way we live.

Everything went FABULOUSLY! Flawlessly. There are no words. Seriously.

— Heidi Gilmore, CloudBees

Event Landing Page

The responsive event landing page was designed for prospective attendees to get more information about Jenkins World 2017 and learn why they should be attending. Call to action buttons were placed strategically throughout the web page. Interactive elements were also used as a way to engage the audience and allow them to dive deeper into certain sections. With over 1500 happy attendees, we would call this event landing page a success!

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